USD$ 5,000 Minimum Purchase (PHP 250,000)

A modern mixed theme retirement village with complete modern amenities including own hospital, conference center, resort, etc. in booming capital of Zambales, Philippines. The project is in the Tourist Haven area but secluded as known artists and personalities own a private farm/retirement home in the area called CELEBRITY HILLS located in Bangantalinga, Iba, Zambales.

Real estate price is keep on increasing due to massive development of national and local government huge projects and massive development of highways, trains, conference centers, IT/Telecommunication System and Infrastracture development as well as private and corporate entities with sudden surge of commercial and housing projects, tourist and recreation centers, etc. and because of proximity to Subic Bay/SBMA and newly upgraded Clark International Airport the economic development in the area is keep on improving.

The properties are in final stage of completing all necessary documents either for outright sale and/or Joint Venture (JV) with the interested parties. Slots for partnership and purchase are limited as minimum lot area for individual is 250 sq.m. and 2,500 sq.m. for corporate .entities. ANICO Stable Token Holders can participate in this lucrative project.

Picture below is the actual location of the project property, overlooking the Iba town, the the capital of Zambales and famous resorts as it is in upland, around 3-5 minutes to International Highland Camp & Conference Center, Provincial Capitol Compound of Zambales, and the new location of Iba Municipal Building.

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT (MOA) and/or AUTHORITY TO SELL (ATS) will be forwarded if interested as well as other supporting documents for finalization, amendments and signing of parties concerned.

Please contact: Director Bert Papa for details
Globe/TM: +63-927-5195139
Smart/Sun: +63-923-5846541 or send email below







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